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We're building the first marketing platform for Web3.
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Why work with us?
Aspiring to life-changing outcomes
We offer generous equity packages, competitive salary, and top benefits for team members.
Career growth at hyperspeed
As a founding team member you will constantly be exposed to new and exciting challenges, and opportunities to learn.
Up close with Web3
If you want to start your own company one day, this is a great opportunity to see up-front how the pudding is made.
Our mission
We’re united by our mission: enable people and dApps to engage with trust in a decentralized world.
The problem
Web3 has a trust problem. We're fixing that, through a top-tier, native marketing platform designed specifically for Web3.
Acquiring users is hard
Engaging users is complicated
Understanding users is confusing
Our solution
We’re building a decentralized engagement network that will allow private, rich, and trusted engagement between people and dApps.
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